seasons change agency culture

We here at Seasons Change do what we love.  We are a high energy, highly motivated team of individuals who take pride in our efficiency and quality service.  We strive for excellence through trust, dependability, and maintenance of the friendliest work environment.  Our co-workers are enjoyable to work with and are passionate in their task of satisfying the needs of our clients.  We are willing to do anything and everything it takes to get the job done; from hiring Co-Op students to catch up on office work, to making additional visits to clients’ homes at their request to ensure their comfort and security.  Pride pours from our work as we are NEVER willing to give up cases and would rather sacrifice our own interests than the satisfaction of our clients. 

​Where to Apply

Employment Applications will be processed for qualified applicants.  Due to the number of applicants Seasons Change Home Health Care, Inc. will only contact those who qualify for the interview process.  The application is available for download in Microsoft Word format or in Adobe Acrobat format.  Thank you for applying at Seasons Change Home Health Care, Inc.

You may submit your completed application by the following:

1. Fax: You may fax your application, resume, and other requested information to: 989-856-2801.

2. Mail: Download and print the employment application and criminal verification authorization.

  • Send completed application and criminal verification authorization to:
  • Seasons Change Home Health Care, Inc.
  • Attn: Human Resource Department
  • 8201 Port Austin Road
  • Pigeon, MI  48755​

3. Email: Fill out application and criminal verification authorization, download, save, and attach your saved documents and email to:

​Toll Free:  1-800-392-3660​
Fax: 1-989-856-2801

Home Health Care, Hospice, and Private Duty

​​A Note About Teamwork

​Employees of Seasons Change view their positions as more than just jobs.  Each individual within the agency is part of a greater team, working together to provide quality services to those we care for. No member of this team has an “easy” job and each member must be relied upon by the rest of the team to function in a fast-paced environment

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